How do you increase Cyber Security and personal relationships over COViD-19 shutdown.  How to keep doing business with customers that are used to personal relationships. 
Working remote, digital is needed more now than ever before.  Cyber security is crucial, but not at the sacrifice of consumer convenience.  

Have both with Botdoc in this new challenging business environment

Botdoc helps Banks close transactions faster (more than 50% faster) when the customer is remote, needs to be digital, even when it's over a mobile phone. 

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Botdoc is changing Community Banking

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Close Transactions At Least 50% Faster
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SBA PPP:  "Botdoc is my best friend right now" 
Mike Casarez, Sr Credit Officer, Integrity Bank and Trust

Banks are being asked to close branches, have employees work from home and still provide the same level of service they always have.  Loans are taking longer to process and close.  Sensitive information is getting harder to get from clients.  Rate locks are having to be extended because of these .  Title work is challenging to get with shortened hours.
Cyber crime is at its highest levels recorded.

Life is not the same as it was just a week ago, and none of us are positive on how long this will last. 
Community Banks are relationship based and leaders in their communities.  Clients still need that relationship and convenience community bank provides.  

Botdoc = The digital extension to the human relationship

"Botdoc is well timed for the current world situation"
- Brian Otteman, Chief Experience Officer

Charles Potts
Chief Innovation Officer, ICBA

“The most successful innovative technologies increase customer satisfaction and optimize operational processes while offering seamless deployment. This is also what helps create the successful high-tech, high-touch balance that community banks offer"

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Using Fax, Secure Email and some Portals.  Loan document collection would take over a week, some times longer.  Delays were primarily due to technology friction with customer.  Most customers wanted to send items unsecured because it was easier putting the bank in a bad situation.

Document collection takes a day, sometimes same day for customer to complete vs a week or more.  Copies of Drivers License is easy via the text capability with Botdoc.  

"The easiest tech onboarding we have ever onboarded, seriously it was simple", "Botdoc has made our document collection for loans very easy, customers love it" 

*Closing loans over 50% faster with Botdoc

INtegrity Bank and trust, CO
Using Secure Email and encrypted email to collect all sensitive documents and some Portals. Loan document collection would take a long time, sometimes several weeks. Many times just for a follow up or initial document it would take several days. Customers had challenges using secure email and fax was a non-starter because no one has a fax. The Loan officers spent more time troubleshooting customer logins than working on loans.

Document collection is fast. "Exponentially faster". They use the unique URL for their email signature blocks and its very simple for the bank employee and customer. Having a customer send items from their Dropbox or Google Drive folder is now easy and secure for the bank and the consumer. The text feature allows Integrity Bank to work with their customers when they are mobile and not needing to be in front of their computers.

"We have been using Botdoc for over a year and we have discussed getting rid of secure email, we don't use it anymore. Botdoc has made our Loan operations much more efficient, customers love it"

Kevin Hall - IT Officer

*Closing loans over 50% faster with Botdoc


Using Secure Email, encrypted email and physical delivery for document collection.  New deposit accounts would take over a week to finish, grabbing a copy of an ID securely would take several followups with customers.  Sending documents to Underwriters was challenging, no way to track if they reviewed or recieved exceptions or trailing documents, adding delays to loan processing.  SBA Loans would take 2-3 weeks to get all documentation in from borrowers.

Document collection takes 1 hour or a day at most with Botdoc.  Customers are more comfortable with not having to login to something.  Sending and collecting documents with 3rd parties is faster and file size doesn't matter so its easy.  Sending documents to Examiners or other Banks for reporting is easier to use Botdoc than using outside systems.  Examiners and reporting parties stated using Botdoc to communicate with First Midwest vs their own systems, because it was easier.  

"Community Banks having better technology than some of our large partners is a great feeling, special feeling when the community bank is leading the way, with Botdoc."  - Chris Hyten, VP

"Our entire team is closing transactions faster and our customer satisfaction with the ease of our process with Botdoc is at an all time high"

- Mike Allen - Sr VP

*Closing loan transactions over 50% faster with Botdoc

M&P Bank, AR
There was no consistent and standardized way across all divisions to securely send sensitive information. Encrypted emails were a bottleneck. Many times clients would not even open or respond, and the emails would sit there for a week or longer until we reached out to them again. Some clients ended up faxing documents which further delayed the process. 

Botdoc has allowed us to get responses in a day. From mortgages, to insurance, to working with auditors and even book-keeping, we are able to complete transactions over 50% faster. Botdoc’s tracking capability is critical and allows us to hold our partners/customers and ourselves accountable. 

“Botdoc has allowed us to get responses in a day, and complete transactions over 50% faster.”

Community First Bank, WA

Community First Contacted Botdoc two days before the April 3rd opening of PPP (Payroll Protection Program) loan submission with a challenge; they needed a technology that would transport data and documents digitally, Securely, conveniently, and ability to scale with volume. 
Traditional means of collecting documents; Secure Email, FTP transfer sites, Fax, and physical delivery were not an option. These legacy technologies are too cumbersome for consumers to use, minimal consumer access to fax, and COVID19 social distancing did not allow for physical delivery. Furthermore, the SBA-PPP team needed the ability to realtime remote collect trailing documents in the underwriting/review process. To make matters worse there is only so much money in the PPP fund; creating urgency, frustration, and consumer emotion where customers can be gained or lost in moment. 

- Entire SBA-PPP team onboarded in 20 minutes.  
- With a simple email or text from the bank, every consumer had the ability to click on the link, upload documents, and hit send. Not even one technical support call from consumers. 
- The personal URL feature was imbedded on the SBA section of the banks website and in PPP confirmation emails, allowing consumer to click and upload securely at anytime.
- 562 PPP Applications and supporting documentation collected in the first 24 hours. 
- They actually took business from a (large) competitor that could not expedite the process as easily as Community First. 

“Botdoc was a major part of our application and Underwriting processing, we received emails and testimonies from customers thanking us for making it so easy - 60% of our loans loans were funded in the first seven days.”  - Craig Scott - VP of IT 

*Closing loan transactions over 50% faster with Botdoc

“Just as always, you can count on community banks to step up and help their local customers and communities. During this time, community banks will continue to be a pillar of strength. Banks need to continue to focus on serving the needs of our nation. Now more than ever, technology is needed that can assist community banks in going the extra mile to keep their customers and institutions safe from cyber criminals.”

Kevin Tweddle
Chief Operations Officer, ICBA

How do i get pricing?
ONLY the strong survive.  If you are using secure email, fax or having your clients "login" to tools, you need to have Botdoc in your tool box.
Grab a time below.....
Security does not have to equal pain
Are you using these? = Need Botdoc
Its 2020 - no one has a fax.  Its a bad experience.  Dont use this anymore, please.

One more thing to login to.  Its a bad experience.

Encrypted/Secure Email
No one ever said "Thank you" for using secure email.  Its a bad experience.  Encrypted email gets bounced all the time.


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